Vent sesh on a rainy monday with Dunkin coffee.

We are all tired, busy, distracted, and fighting something. Maybe not all at once or every day but life is hard on all of us. Some peoples worries may be smaller than others, but again, life is hard on all of us. I’m tired. I’m busy. I’m stressed. And I wish our culture accepted this more. We are “on” all the time, tightly bound and expected to present ourselves a certain way. God forbid I don’t get out of bed until noon because I just can’t or I shut my door to the world for a few hours because I can’t bare the thought of interacting with a human that’s not behind a Netflix screen. We’re all tired, we’re all busy, distracted, and fighting something. And I just wish we were all kinder because of this. Does it not simply make sense to just be kind, gentle, forgiving? it’s certainly a lot easier than the effort of being harsh, demanding and insensitive.