If We Had Met Another Time

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If I had met you when I was 14, it would have been in the pages of my diary.
Your jawline would be page 4.
A dedicated paragraph to the amber flecks in your eyes,
Page 6
How I was absolutely sure your hand lingered just a teeny tiny bit when you handed me my test in class:
Page 10.
The devastation of being so young and so sure I had fallen in love with you would be page 20.

Page 32.
Page 54.

You would be the first chapter that I rewrote and rewrote until there was a plot line that ended with you kissing me.

If I had met you when I was 16, we would have been a set of illegal fireworks.
You would have been that summer night that never ended.
We would watch the moon swap with the sun
And touch our stars.
On the…

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