Trading the coffee for some wine.


This is one of my favorite people ever and I’m surprised I didn’t think to write about her from the very first post. There are multiple reasons why Sophia Bush is a role model to me and has slowly made a lasting impression on me over the years. I’ve never really been one to be obsessed with celebrities (except Taylor Swift, circa 2009) but Sophia has proven her worth to this world time and time again. 

It all started when I got hooked on One Tree Hill during high school. A drama (borderline soap) based on a group of kids navigating high school in North Carolina with the backdrop of basketball, family issues, and high school love. Sophia was fresh-faced Brooke Davis, the flirty-cheerleader- social-butterfly-rich-girl. At first, Brooke didn’t have much else going for her. As the show progressed, Sophia brought in her own personality, and slowly Brooke grew into a strong woman character that was smart, loyal, and a hard worker. All of those qualities easily found in Sophia Bush. 

Down to the core, Sophia is an activist. In 2009, Sophia showed up to rally against Proposition 8 and has teamed with to raise environmental awareness among teens. She’s passionate about the future of our world and it’s people. If anything she’s able to use her status and well known name to capture the attention of the people around her. 

Before starring in One Tree Hill, Sophia attended USC, where she was part of a sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. There she met Alexis Jones, founder of I AM THAT GIRl, a non-profit organization that works to empower young women to be confident, self-assured and strong. Sophia works closely with the organization and helped Alexis in writing a forward to her book that was published recently. As far as I’m concerned it’s nice to have someone like her working toward a organization I would love to be a part of, and with her sorority sister no less. 

Recently Sophia posed on the cover of Maxim magazine and she’s never looked better. In response to the cover, Sophia said: 

“I’m a women and it’s a struggle for all of us. And it took me until this point in my life at 31 to say, ‘Hey, yeah I’m going to embrace my body and own it for me, not anyone else. And I’m curvy. I’m not some rail-thin, 6-foot-tall runway model who was just born that way. I was born like this. And that’s A-OK.”

So for Sophia, I think I’d trade in the coffee for a glass of wine…or two. 


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