Oy with the poodles already!


In the months between the spring and fall semesters I’ve found myself falling into the rhythm of the Binge Watch (I’m doing this new thing John Green does in making words proper nouns when they shouldn’t, just go with it). Now this typically means finding a TV show on Netflix (although I’ve sadly lost the log-in info for my friends account..hey Abbs!) or this summers case: Project Free TV. I racked my brain on what could fill my time from approximately 11PM to 1PM and a few other lonely hours, that would be worth the title of Summer 2014s Binge Watch. I’m going to slow down on the drama now and focus on why I’m here, meaning why i’m sitting in my bed writing instead of reading my book, which I’m 64% through and will talk about in the near future, and that reason is simple: Gilmore Girls. 

My favorite TV mother-daughter duo, Lorelai (so awkward to spell) and Rory Gilmore of Starshollow, Connecticut. I stumbled across this gem of a sitcom when I was probably 12 or 13. ABC Family did this wonderful thing where they aired an episode every afternoon at 5PM, the prime time for my teenage self to be found lounging on the couch after school eating bon bons (what the hell IS a bon bon really?). So there I sat and soon fell in love (strong word but what else is there to say) with the women before me, galavanting through life fiercely, hilariously and beautifully. I know these are fictional people, I get it,  but that doesn’t lessen the magic of their charisma does it?

What I’ve come to realize however, that in watching the show from the Pilot on ward (because although I’m 99% sure I’ve seen every episode I need to straighten it all out from A-Z in my head), and sometimes with 2 or 3 back to back episodes, it can be exhausting. You’re probably rolling your eyes right? How can it be exhausting laying there staring at the screen, but for anyone that hasn’t seen Gilmore Girls just understand this: the characters talk SO FAST and you slowly start to realize EVERY line is some reference to a past something-or-other. You’ll be looking up the first one online and have already missed reference numbers 2-4,367. I kid, I kid, but really though. The creator Amy Sherman-Palladino knew what she was doing. 

Besides the fast talking and references I’ll never understand, I’ve grown fascinated by the characters created that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel brought to life on the screen. Although I have read that Alexis is a whiny brat of an actress, and you can SO hear it in Rory’s voice, I’d love to sit and chat with Lauren Graham. She’s essentially Lorelai and her wittiness and charm would surely be source for wonderful conversation. And in that annoying Hollywood way don’t we all just wish we could eat and drink coffee like the Gilmore Girls and still woo rich boys like Logan and have the diner owner wait 10 years for you to realize you love him? I sure as hell do. 

So what exactly did I learn from my naive young 13 mind to now, from all of this? 1) Chinese food is more important than men 2) It’s a skill and art form to make cereal combinations in a college cafeteria 3) reading is sexy 4) coffee is essential to standing, and walking, and talking 5) if you’re planning on throwing your life away for a boy, he better have a motorcycle 6) when you get engaged there should be 1,000 yellow daisies 7) the plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac. 


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