This past month has truly flown by and I can’t comprehend the fact that in 3 days, 16 hours and 6 mins (give or take when I finish writing this) my flight from Heathrow will be taking off for the U.S. There’s no possible way, shape or form I can express how much this semester has meant to me and shaped me. Before I get all mushy and sentimental, these last few weeks have reiterated my love for London even more so than the weeks I was here before I started hopping from country to country like a crazy person. In the weeks after my trip to Ireland, I’ve been running around, seeing every nook and cranny of London as much as my schedule allowed. Having the city decorated for Christmas has made for a beautiful setting to explore. 


For Thanksgiving a few of us went to fabulous restaurant on Knightsbridge and had a traditional American meal. No seconds though, and remember portion sizes are smaller here but STILL I had pumpkin pie so this girl was happy. One of my sisters, Kristen, visited that weekend from Barcelona and it was so unbelievably nice having a familiar face around when normally it’s be snuggled at home with my family for the holiday. We walked what felt like all of London, seeing Kensington Palace and Winter Wonderland, a carnival in Hyde Park. The following day I showed her Primrose Hill and then we stopped at Abbey Road and got our picture taken walking across the street. Before hand though, I mistakenly walked onto the property of Abbey Road Studios bypassing the No Trespassing sign. Some mad man-AKA probably some hot shot producer-started waving his hands at me from the window. I mean come on, the sign was not very clearly marked…


Since then, we moved into finals week, MUCH less stressful while abroad than at home, but still a pain in the ass regardless of what country you’re in. And now, we’re scrambling to see even more of London before we leave in the next few days. This city is never ending and even when we take off on Sunday after living here for 3 1/2 months, I will have only conquered a small portion of this amazing place. And not to mention the official list of other amazing countries I visited this semester. In no particular order because I couldn’t rank them if I tried. 

1. Belgium (Brussels, Brugge)

2. Germany (Munich)

3. Czech-Republic (Prague)

4. Italy (Florence, Rome)

5. France (Paris)

6. Ireland (Dublin, Galway)

After this amazing semester, I can honestly say I am ready to go home and spend the holidays with my family. Granted, 72 hours after landing in the U.S. and the excitement has worn off, I am definitely going to miss this amazing semester that has given me a love of cities I never had before. 



P.S. Look for my abroad vlog I’ll be posting at some point in the next few weeks. I’m slightly obsessed and let’s face it, videos just capture what words can’t..especially on Saturday nights. oops. 


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