Before it all escapes from my mind, I have to write about Prague. It’s already been two weeks since I’ve been there which reiterates the fact that time flies here! Prague is definitely high on the list of my favorite cities I have visited. Three days wasn’t nearly enough time for me to explore. I could honestly see myself living there or spending a longer period of time there. The feeling I got in Prague reminds me of a saying we use in Sigma Kappa which is “insta-love”. It may sound corny and stereotypical but to us, “insta-love” is that spark that happens so quickly you’re head over heels, with a person, place or hobby. In my case, I felt it when I arrived in Prague. It brought me back to Pennsylvania for a second because of the fall foliage. There were golden leaves everywhere and it definitely made me feel at home.

One of my favorite parts of Prague was the intense history of the Czech-Republic that I learned. I’ve honestly learned more history this semester than I think I ever have in a classroom setting. Anyways, what I didn’t know is that the Czech-Republic used to be a communist country until 1989. The John Lennon wall was inspired in this change in government and has been covered with graffiti of Beatles lyrics since the 80’s. We made two stops there unintentionally and the second time we found cans of spray paint someone had left. There was a guy playing acoustic guitar and singing Across the Universe.


We also went to the Prague Castle which had an amazing view of the entire city. It was one of the highlights of the trip for me because I got to see the entire city covered in gold leaves.


It’s also safe to say that Prague sets itself apart from other cities with it’s night life. There seemed to be people out drinking at all times of the day and night and we had a blast doing our first pub crawl that ended at a 5 story club!

I already miss it but I know that If I ever have the chance to travel Europe again, seeing Prague again is a must!



Prague-ably Going Back <3


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