Doin’ What Hipsters Do

This past week has been filled with midterm assignments, a reality check that we are all indeed in school and have to do SOMETHING to get credit for this semester. Coming down with a cold after an interesting but fun (to put it quickly) weekend in Germany, definitely wasn’t my favorite part of the week. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been home in London for the weekend so when life handed me a sickness and a pile of homework I definitely wasn’t very pleased. No pub crawling allowed for this girl. After days of being cooped up in the dorms though, I was starting to go crazy so me, Gabby and April (my supah cool friends from Boston) decided to go on an adventure on Saturday and boy was it needed!


We took a long bus ride to Shoreditch and immediately noticed the change in environment in this part of London. We got a little lost so stopped in a Pret-A-Manger (London’s version of Panera) and were told it was closed today but we went in the direction we were told anyway to check it out. We saw street art everywhere and ran into Brick Lane that has dozens of vintage shops with young London hipsters everywhere. We shopped around and found a few treasures, got another crepe (try and stop me) and looked around all the second hand shops. We stumbled upon a really cool record store and took photos in a photo booth.


Imageit’s a successful day when you’re sitting with a beer (Knight of the Garter, obviously had to try) and looking at your polaroid collection.

Although the market was indeed closed Brick Lane was super cool and I definitely recommend it to any 20 something that is visiting London! After I finish these midterms I’m off to Italy, Prague and then a final stop in Paris to see my parents. Can’t wait for the break and a chance to see my family for a little bit.




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