1 Month Anniversary

It’s hard to imagine it’s been a month that I’ve been living and studying in London. The adjustment has been a lot easier than I imagined considering this is the longest I’ve been outside of the U.S. and away from home. Homesickness tends to come in waves like everyone told us it would. Some days are rough but before I know it the feeling has passed and I’m out in the city with my friends having fun. It’s not easy being connected to Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of social media to see what I am missing back home. Staying in contact with friends with the time change and different schedules isn’t always easy so when it does happen it makes it all the more special. The common trend is that people seem to think that I’m having the time of my life 24 hours of the day, every day, which couldn’t be more false. Life doesn’t stop over here, I’m still taking classes, going to the pharmacy, doing laundry and many other things I’d normally be doing at home. My environment and many other aspects of my life have changed, yes, but I’m still me. Being away has made me so grateful and appreciative for everything I have back at home including my friends, family, sisters, Susquehanna in itself, my adorable puppy (that is growing up without me there!) and everything else in between. I think we all need time away from what we love so that when we come back to it we are more appreciative and thankful because we’re all blessed with so much. 

London has so much to offer and although sometimes we get bored (dare I even say it!) there is always something for us to do. Portobello Road has probably been one of my favorite adventures we’ve gone on. The market stretches through Notting Hill, a quaint part of East London, and has vendors selling anything from silver, pottery, and vintage clothes to crepes (YUM!), fish and chips, yummy breads and so much more. We barely made it half way through before we got too stimulated and wanted to head back home. I found a Jane Austen collection, quintessential creative writing purchase, and had a Banana Nutella Crepe which I’m already dreaming of wanting another. Oops. Three markets down (Camden, Alfies, Portobello) and hopefully many more to come!

I can definitely say I am adjusted to London and loving it but what I’m most looking forward to now is traveling and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I leave in two days for Brussels which will be my first trip outside of the UK. I am slightly  nervous, as I should be, but have heard such great things about the city that I can’t wait to see for my own two eyes! 

This weekend: Brussels

Next weekend: OKTOBERFEST! 

Until the next time..




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