Serendipity (n); finding something good without looking for it

        Today classes ended for me at noon giving me the rest of the day to do whatever I pleased. Taking advantage of the time alone, I ventured to Marylebone High Street after researching bookstores in the area. It was only about a 5 minute walk from my campus and as I turned onto the street I realized I’d been missing out on the crevice of character this part of town has to offer. I quickly found Daunt Books and with my obsession with bookstores, spent about an hour perusing the books, trying to stumble across a gem worth spending my pounds on. I don’t know what it is about bookstores I love so much because sometimes I walk out empty-handed but nevertheless my affection for them has crossed the pond. I left with a book of short-stories by John Updike and stepped back into reality in Tesco (laundry detergent, bananas, crackers…). Normally I’d feel inadequate shopping around with the posh locals, passing stores I wouldn’t dare go into to look around knowing I wouldn’t purchase anything, but the atmosphere wasn’t unwelcoming. On my way home I passed Cath Kidston’s and immediately backpedaled and peaked inside. Self-control was clearly needed in the ‘Vera Bradley of London’ store. 

Yesterday’s adventure included a trip to Brixton for a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert with Molly, my first roommate at SU. We waited in line outside of O2 Brixton Academy in the drizzly London rain people watching, and I have to say my impression of the locals is that they are very fashionable and diverse. The teenage boys seemed to blend together after awhile in their skinny jeans, colored hoodies and sweaters (although the majority of them are quite adorable). The girls on the other hand wore anything from ripped tights and tight dresses to high-waisted skinnys and blousy tops. For this American girl it was rather pleasing to the eye to see people so put together. 


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put on a seriously fabulous show with crazy crowd surfing and dancing around in a fur coat for “Thrift Shop”. It was the first hip-hop/rap concert I’d ever been to and it definitely made me appreciate Macklemore for his talent even more than I did before. 

Other adventures last week that weren’t necessarily serendipitous but still lovely, included Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben. Other SU students studying with the business program also arrived last weekend. Seeing familiar faces was refreshing and we took them into Piccadillay for their first night out! 

stay tuned for more serendipity and wanderlust in the future 😉





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