Jet-Lag, Riverboat, Snakebites!

ImageThere are so many highlights from this first week in London. I’m finally adjusting to the time change which I never really expected would affect me as much as it did. Our first day now feels like a blur of moving into our triple (Me, Shelly & Gabby), realizing we have a balcony that over looks part of the “quad” outside of our dorm, taking the tube to Oxford Circus. We had about an hour to get things for our room, a phone, and FOOD after technically getting about 45 minutes of sleep on the plane. Later, we stopped at a supermarket for wine and toasted to London on our balcony. In the distance above the trees we noticed a view of Big Ben and grew more excited, realizing we were really in London. Later, we were told it’s in fact NOT Big Ben, just a pretty church. Naturally we felt a little silly but it’s a funny story to blame on our jet lag 🙂

Friday we attended a riverboat cruise on the Thames hosted by Regents. We got the chance to mingle with the other American students in our program. There are all types of people here including students from Fairfield Univ, University of New Hampshire, Boston, Tokyo and California. The view of the city from the boat was so beautiful at night as everything was lit up and sparkling. We drank and danced and even watched a firework show off in the distance that was in celebration of a London banking holiday. It really sank in then that I am in London and am on the cusp of a fabulous semester. 

On Saturday I explored Camden Market with my roommates and some other SU students and I fell in love with the area. Twisting cobblestone paths were lined with tiny shops selling anything and everything. Street vendors sold all types of food which made us all VERY happy since we’re still adjusting to the meals here. I found so many elephant themed trinkets and had to resist from buying everything! Later we went out for our first real night out. We went to the Metropolitan which is within walking distance of campus and then took the Tube (finally getting the hang of it!) to O’Neills in Piccadilly Circus. We managed to get our first round of drinks paid for (Thanks Barry!) which pleased us so we ordered a Snakebite which is a traditional English drink of cider and beer and a splash of grenadine, delicious but clearly vicious if over done! We had a great time dancing, relaxing and taking it all in. When we got back to school we ordered pizza which of course reminded me of home and all the papa johns calls that are made to 300 University Ave ❤

We start classes tomorrow and It’s hard to imagine I will have work to do again, last semester feels miles and miles away. Regents it beautiful and i’m loving the fact that I have the chance to live in a park in the middle of the city. I’m able to shop and walk around all day but then escape back “home” to green trees, a quiet campus and familiar grounds. And whoever started the rumor that the weather is horrible here is wrong! We’ve had sunny days with beautiful breezes and ZERO humidity! 

Falling for the spirit of London already and I’ve got to say, the accents and british men are just as charming as I imagined 🙂







One thought on “Jet-Lag, Riverboat, Snakebites!

  1. Mom says:

    Caroline, your words and descriptions are wonderfully comforting to read, and it has been great fun hearing about your adventures thus far! Keep up all the great writing, and you’ll have a wonderful journal to look back on and enjoy for years to come. XOXO

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