London vs. USA Part 1

The little differences I’ve noticed during my first three days in London:

-They use the left side of the escalator to pass so DON’T stand in their way, oops!

-People rarely talk on the Tube, It’s dead silent (besides the screeching of the subway which doesn’t seem to phase ANYONE)

-The British apologize for everything! 

-Primark is already a gift sent from heaven

-Even though they speak English, it’s hard to understand what they’re saying

-It’s weirdly difficult crossing the street

-Regents Park is my sanctuary in the middle of the busy city!

-I still don’t know what each of their coins represents (still learning!)

-You can buy liquor and wine in the grocery store, but you all know that, it’s just exciting that i’m legal and it had to be the final comment. 

ta-ta for now 🙂



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