“So are you excited?”

As I spent my last weekend in the United States and traveled up river about 50 miles to SU, I was overwhelmed with this question from my friends and peers. It’s a funny question because the answer is both a YES and a NO. Before you panic and think I’m crazy for NOT answering with a loud and confident YES to this question, let me explain myself. The idea of spending 4 months in a city over 3,000 miles away from my family and friends is a large concept for my 20-year-old-somewhat-unexperienced brain to wrap around. Although I have traveled to Europe once before, my trip was MUCH shorter and with the comfort of my family, so this will be a growing experience for me and somewhat of a self test of my bravery and independence. I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and chose to stay there for my undergraduate experience, so for the first time, I will be traveling outside of my cozy bubble and jumping head first into this semester in London. 

So far all that is planned as of now is a trip to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and a Maklemore & Ryan Lewis concert in London. I have a lengthy list of cities I hope to visit and pubs I hope to frequent in London. **this is my warning now that this blog will be only slightly censored ;)** My hopes are to learn to be spontaneous and let the adventures come my way this semester and I will do my best to document it as frequently as my schedule allows. 

 I am beyond excited for the experiences that are before me: immersing myself in British culture, taking classes at a new school, traveling through Europe, navigating my way through a large city, and becoming an independent person. I can only imagine what else I will gain from this experience and I truly hope to return a changed person.



P.S. Let’s hope I can get my suitcase down to 50lbs tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! 


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