See you soon london!

The lovely picture above, stolen from Google images, is what I plan on seeing with my own two eyes in just a few short weeks. On August 27th I start my big abroad adventure in London, England. As a junior Creative Writing major at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, I am beyond excited (and nervous as hell!) to start my first solo European excursion. As required in our curriculum at SU, every student must complete a Go Short or Go Long program, meaning you must spend at least two weeks experiencing a new city, in the US or in another country. Having gone to SU knowing that this requirement loomed in the future, I never fantasized much of where it would take me. I knew someday the decision would come, and being Careful Caroline, I knew this would be a leap out of my comfort zone to spend an entire semester out of the country and away from home.  20 year old me though, is ready for the adventures to come and I don’t doubt that when I arrive home, I will be a different person.

As of right now, my summer is still moving along (at a much slower and uneventful pace as my future holds) which means I have more waitressing to do to pay for all my weekend trips and purchases in the coming months. AND I have to start packing, a 20 year old woman’s nightmare when it comes to traveling, especially when it’s for 4 whole months! Most importantly however, is spending time with my most precious of people in my life before I can only see their faces through a computer screen while Skyping from across the pond. I have much to do in very little time to do it, so the next time you hear from me I will most likely be a jet lagged, wide eyed and anxious study-abroader settling into my dorm at Regents University in London, England.

Until the next time!



See you soon London!


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